Beer Number 51: Merry Christmas!

25 12 2011

Before I get into this week’s beer, I feel like I need to first comment on the fact that this will be the second-to-last beer for this project. I can’t believe we’re almost at the end. With that said, I want you all to know that this isn’t the end of this blog. I don’t want to get into too many details just yet, just know that I have plans for Fifty-Two Bottles in 2012.

But before we look too far into the future, let’s take a moment to relish in the present. Or should I say, presents? It is, after all, Christmas! When it came to presents this year, I played the role as one of “Santa’s” elves. For playing my role as an elf this year, I rewarded myself on Christmas Eve with beer number 51, Santa’s Little Helper by Port Brewing.

Truth be told, I received my fair share of amazing presents as well. Most of them beer or whisky related, but that’s not the point. Besides, given the large amounts of alcohol-related presents I received might make me question some things in my life. I just keep reminding myself that I run a beer blog and all of this is perfectly normal. It is. Let’s move on…

Santa’s Little Helper was the perfect treat for me after what turned out to be a very emotional Christmas Eve. This year, it turns out, was the first time in my life that I won’t spend Christmas with my two families (my Mom or my Dad). With that said, I was very blessed to be spending this Christmas with my new family. Most importantly, my wife. Last year, we had to celebrate Christmas early before spending with each of our families. Oh, and we weren’t married last year. So this was a very special Christmas for me.

So I capped off the evening with my favorite kind of beer; an imperial Russian stout. I can’t tell you much about the smell because my nose is out of commission due to a head cold. But Kelli took a whiff of my beer and said it smelled exactly how you would expect a stout to smell. That’s all I needed to hear!

Thankfully, my taste buds weren’t affected and I got to thoroughly enjoy this beer all the way through. Not only did it smell as a stout should, it also tasted like a stout should. Perfect hints of chocolate on the front end before giving way to a taste of espresso. It also had a touch of malty tones at the end while also packing a slight bite as well.

All in all, Santa’s Little Helper was the perfect beer for this chilly Christmas Eve. I had been wanting to feature stouts this winter and I’m glad that I snuck one in there. Let alone one that was very Christmas themed! With a robust “Ho Ho Ho” I give Santa’s Little Helper a “Thumb’s Up” while wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! (Or whatever holiday you might be celebrating!)




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