1 01 2012

And just like that, surrounded by family and friends, I opened beer 52.

Thankfully there was no stress in choosing this week’s beer. There was no standing in the beer aisle scanning the shelves for the perfect beer for this special occasion. None of that happened this week because it all happened back in the first week of the year.

I took a trip to BevMo to pick up beer number one and decided that I should try to find the perfect beer for number 52. Even better, by buying it back in week one it allowed me to cellar and age the beer, making it even more special for the end of my new year’s resolution. Without further ado, I present to you beer number 52, La Fin du Monde from Unibroue.

I selected this beer to be the last for two reasons. First, while this isn’t the end of this blog (more to come on that topic later) it is the end of my project. So I found this beer to be fitting since its name translates to “The End of the World.”

The second reason is a little longer of a story. A few years back, my step-Dad picked up a few bottles of beer for me for my birthday. Among the choice selection was La Fin du Monde. That year I spent New Year’s Eve by myself at home (I was going snowboarding the next day, decided to take it easy) and decided to open one of my birthday beers. Similar to the first story, I thought La Fin du Monde was a fitting beer for New Year’s Eve because, again, it means the end.

Back when I drank that beer I didn’t have the same appreciation for beer that I have now. But I do remember enjoying it a lot. For some reason, though, I never got around to buying another bottle of it until this year. Even better, I bought a bottle to store for a year. Go figure.

It turned out, however, that  storing it for a year was the best decision I made. La Fin du Monde is a beautiful, golden ale with very strong floral and citrus scents. The citrus follows through to the taste in a big way. I mean, in a very big way. In a very good way as well. The citrus pairs very well with coriander and the other spices to make this one amazing beer.

When it was all said and done, I couldn’t have chosen a more fitting beer for the occasion. La Fin du Monde was perfect as beer number 52 and I gave it a resounding “Thumb’s Up” while marking it one of “52’s Faves.” While I can’t believe that I made it all the way through, I couldn’t be happier with the results. With that, I wish you all a happy new year! Here’s to 2012 and all it has to offer.




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1 01 2012
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3 01 2012

Congrats and great job this year on the blog!

3 01 2012

Thanks, Dan! I appreciate you following along!

3 01 2012
John Sikes

It was like finding a great tv series. I hunkered down to catch up on past episodes, and looked forward to the next installment. Now the cliffhanger.. What comes next?

4 01 2012

Thank you for the kind words, John! I have a few posts that I need to put together in the next couple of days to tie up that cliffhanger. Just know that the blog isn’t ending with beer 52!

4 01 2012

Happy New Year to you as well. It’s been an enjoyable read.

7 01 2012
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