Hey! What happened to February?

3 03 2012

The thing I feared most happened. I no longer had deadlines to meet and I dropped the ball on writing posts. I won’t make any excuses. I failed my readers. Hopefully, I can get my act together and win back your love!

With that said, I’m hoping a little change in procedure will help me stay on top of keeping this little beauty updated. You see, the problem hasn’t been me not drinking beers. Oh, I’ve been drinking a lot of beers! Almost too many! Especially since I finished my half marathon and stopped training. I’m hoping that changes as well since I am back in training mode. But I’ll get back to that at another time.

Back to this whole “change of procedure” deal. I was lamenting to my beautiful wife one night about how I’ve stopped updating my blog and she suggested that I do shorter posts that are only about the beer. In other words, no more diatribes about my life and just get straight to the beer. Sure, I’ll try and sneak in a long-winded post about my life, because who are we kidding? That’s how I roll!

Another move I’m hoping to make is, unless it is a truly worthy beer that deserves top treatment, I’m going to start taking my pictures with my phone for faster uploads. You may never even notice considering the fact that my phone has an eight megapixel camera on it. I mean, it’s not the best in the world. But it ain’t half bad either!

So, I’m hoping you will all accept my deepest apologies and sit tight with me as I attempt to revive this fun little website. Hopefully we don’t miss an entire month again!




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