What is Fifty-Two Bottles? Fifty-Two Bottles started as a New Year’s resolution for 2011. I started on January 1, 2011, and proceeded to drink one bottle of beer a week, for the entire year. You can see all 52 beers by clicking on “The Wall” above. The project started with a Guinness Extra Stout and ended with a La Fin du Monde on New Year’s Eve, 2011.

Overall, the project was a success. Not only did I stick to my goal of one beer a week (for the most part) but I also expanded my palette in the process. I even, indirectly, kept a journal of my life for an entire year. And I picked a great year to catalogue a series of events that included getting engaged and married among other things. I can’t really think of any other venue that would have allowed me that possibility.

What’s next, you might ask? Now that it’s 2012 and all 52 beers have come and gone, I definitely want to keep drinking, and writing about, beer. I mean, it’s so good. Why wouldn’t I? The only thing that will change is that I am no longer limiting myself to just one beer a week. The other thing, because of that last fact, is that I won’t be writing about every beer that I drink. I’ll just pick one out every so often that I am looking to highlight.

So, whether you’ve been with me since beer number one (thank you!) or you’re just now discovering these pages (welcome!), I hope you like what you see and continue along in my beer journey. 2012 should be fun as I discover new beers, revisit old favorites and throw in a brewery tour here and there.


4 responses

25 02 2011

Good luck, mate. http://www.backoftheferry.wordpress.com will follow you with interest.

25 02 2011

Much appreciated! I’ll be sure to return the favor!

19 08 2011
Fred Sconfienza

Freddie from Tropica checking in. Love this blog. Beer talk with some real life humor. Yeah, beer and humor, two great things! I will follow as you unveil your weekly selections. Did you get a chance to visit the Maui brew pub and talk to Garret? I have a small favor to ask of you. Will you write a review of Tropica on Trip advisor? We are tyring to get the word out about the fresh bar mixology concep that we are doing. The best way to do this is through the people that have enjoyed a night or two or three at the Tropica and get them to write a review. I hope to see you back in the near future. If you have any friends or family headed my way, please, send them in to see me and I will try my best to make them some type of thought provoking cocktail that fits their style. Aloha my friend!

19 08 2011

Freddie!!! Good to hear from you! I will definitely give you guys a stellar review, you deserve it! We started missing you guys the moment we left the bar the final night! I hope we can make it out there again. No, we never made it to the brewery. It’s definitely high on my list for when we return!

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