Beer Number 42: An Overdue Story

25 10 2011

Many moons ago, I promised a story in regards to how I proposed to my very beautiful wife, Kelli Khaos. Little did I know that I would go all “How I Met Your Mother” on all of you and never really get to the point. Actually, now that I’m thinking about the story I’m about to tell, I’m still not going to get to the point. Wait, let’s do this how they would on HIMYM.

“Ok, kids. The story of how I proposed to your mother is a good one. But before we get to that story, I have to first tell you this story…” If you’ve never seen the show, that is essentially how it goes. So, like I said, I have to first tell you this story that starts in February and comes full circle this past Saturday. The story begins, or ends rather, with me picking up beer number 42, Brother Thelonious from North Coast Brewing Company. Read the rest of this entry »


Beer Number 40: Dubbel Your Pleasure

9 10 2011

Sorry for that headline, I couldn’t resist. Well, it wasn’t so much that I couldn’t resist as it was that I couldn’t come up with anything else. I was a little shocked, however, when I typed the number ’40’ in the headline. I knew we were nearing the end, but I didn’t realize we were that close.

So here we are, 40 beers into this little project with only 12 left to go. And this particular entry into the journal came down to a three beer race. After reading over each label in front of me, I finally came to the decision to go with Dubbel Reserve by Allagash Brewing Company for beer number 40. Read the rest of this entry »

Beer Number 39: A Nice Surprise

2 10 2011

In my house, we have a saying. “You don’t have a drink because you had a bad day, you have a drink because you want too, dammit!” These are good words to live by. And this particular Saturday, I knew I was going to come home and want a drink. Problem was, I was working all day and couldn’t make a run to get a beer.

That’s where my beautiful wife comes into the picture. She sent me a text asking what kind of a beer I was looking for and I told her anything Belgian sounded good. A few minutes later, I started receiving text messages about how excited she was because of the beer she selected. She was excited for good reason as I came home to beer number 39, Pauwel Kwak from Family Brewery Bosteels. Read the rest of this entry »

Beer Number 28: When All Goes Well…

17 07 2011

Just about a month after moving to Laguna Beach, Khaos and I had our first completely free weekend. No unpacking, no plans, no nothing. And it couldn’t have been better! So I topped off our amazing Saturday with beer number 28, White Ale from Telegraph Brewing Co. Read the rest of this entry »

Beer Number 27: Home Brewed Glory

14 07 2011

Don’t let that title mislead you. I didn’t brew it. I’m not that talented. While I would like to brew my own beer someday, this is not that day. So in the meantime, I went ahead and grabbed a bottle home-brewed by someone else. Which takes us to beer number 27, Batch 300 Tripel from The Bruery. Trust me, it was home-brewed. Read the rest of this entry »

Beer Number 26: We’re Halfway There…

3 07 2011

So here we are at the halfway point. To be completely honest, I almost didn’t even realize that was the case. Thankfully for me, my soon-to-be father-in-law did. And in honor of this momentous occasion, we headed down the street and picked up beer number 26, Duvel from…um, Duvel? Moortgat Brewery? I’m not really sure. Read the rest of this entry »

Beer Number Eight: A Birthday of Sorts…

26 02 2011

I picked up this week’s beer a few weeks ago from Hi Time Wine Cellars with no intention of drinking it any time soon. But I had to buy it because it was a 2010 beer and I didn’t want to miss my chance. This beer was first discovered last month on a trip down to Stone Brewing Company. Brandon ordered it after the tour and I had a sip, er, did some research, and knew I wanted to drink a whole bottle. Read the rest of this entry »