Beer Number Five: A Means of Celebration…

4 02 2011

As each week passes, I try and find a certain night to drink my weekly beer. Mostly its been Fridays because, well, its Friday! But this week was a no-brainer that led to this conversation on Tuesday night.

Khaos: “What night are you drinking your beer this week?”
Me: “Thursday night, without a doubt.”
Khaos: “Oh yeah? Why is that?”
Me: “It’s the start of baseball season at work!”
Khaos: “Oh. Do you know what else Thursday is?”
Me (narrowly avoiding the trap): “Of course I do! It’s our eleven-month anniversary!”

So there you go! TWO reasons to celebrate! Not only is it the mark of the most amazing night of my life but it was also the start of baseball season (a 14-8 win, bt dub)! So, in order to celebrate this great day I’ve decided to break out a bottle of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.‘s 30th Anniversary Brewer’s Reserve Grand Cru (sidenote, today’s baseball game marked the first game of our head coach’s 30th season. Do you see how things are tying together? Do you see?). Read the rest of this entry »