Beer Number 49: Happy Birthday…TO ME!

10 12 2011

Two years ago, Brandon started a semi-tradition when he bought me a bottle of North Coast’s 14th Anniversary Old Rasputin for my birthday. I put that bottle in the back of my pantry and opened it a year later, on my birthday. It was amazing. And, I fell in love with the idea of getting a bottle of beer one year, and drinking it the next.

Which brings us to my birthday this year (December 6, in case you needed to know). I didn’t have a bottle waiting in my pantry and I was adamant on finding a special beer not only for my birthday, but for these pages as well. Cue an email I received from Brandon describing a special Christmas beer from Austria. I quickly hit the interwebs trying to track it down and found it at BevMo. So let’s go ahead and start describing the awesome-ness of beer number 49, Samichlaus from Schloss Eggenberg. Read the rest of this entry »


Beer Number 18: We’ve Gone International

8 05 2011

For the past 17 weeks, my beer selection has been mostly domestic and almost exclusively bought from one of two places. Furthering that trend, it’s pretty safe to say that the majority of the beers have come from the San Diego area. Until now.

Thanks to a six-month relocation by one of my best friends, Fifty-Two Bottles has gone international. Beer number 18, Yanjing Beer from the Yanjing Brewing Company, comes all the way from China, with love (wow, that is a bad reference that no one will get!). Read the rest of this entry »