Beer Number 50: ‘Tis the Season

20 12 2011

Editor’s Note: I forgot my flash drive that had my pictures on it. So this will have to do. Sorry.

I always had a rule growing up that my family wasn’t allowed to start decorating for Christmas until after my birthday passed. It was my attempt of keeping my birthday separate from Christmas to keep it special. Any one else that has a December birthday completely understands what I’m talking about.

As I’ve gotten older (and moved out of the house) I haven’t been able to monitor my families’ decorating schedule and now it seems we celebrate my birthday and Christmas together. Which is fine by me. But here on the blog, I’m trying to hold tradition. Since beer number 49 was for my birthday we can now move on to Christmas. Which brings us to beer number 50, 4 Calling Birds from The Bruery. Read the rest of this entry »


Beer Number 49: Happy Birthday…TO ME!

10 12 2011

Two years ago, Brandon started a semi-tradition when he bought me a bottle of North Coast’s 14th Anniversary Old Rasputin for my birthday. I put that bottle in the back of my pantry and opened it a year later, on my birthday. It was amazing. And, I fell in love with the idea of getting a bottle of beer one year, and drinking it the next.

Which brings us to my birthday this year (December 6, in case you needed to know). I didn’t have a bottle waiting in my pantry and I was adamant on finding a special beer not only for my birthday, but for these pages as well. Cue an email I received from Brandon describing a special Christmas beer from Austria. I quickly hit the interwebs trying to track it down and found it at BevMo. So let’s go ahead and start describing the awesome-ness of beer number 49, Samichlaus from Schloss Eggenberg. Read the rest of this entry »

Beer Number 48: A Great Beer from a Great Friend

8 12 2011

After perusing the local BevMo and Hi-Times as many times as I have, I found myself starting to wonder about the final weeks of this project. And I found myself drawing a blank on a beer to get for the week. On top of that, I hadn’t even thought about going to either BevMo or Hi-Times, or anywhere else for that matter, to secure this weeks beer. I guess I had just planned on showing up somewhere and grabbing whichever beer grabbed my attention.

Thankfully for me, I have awesome friends who encourage my drinking look out for my blog. So, while friend Claudia was visiting family in Portland she picked up a bottle of beer for me from the local brewery up there. Which brings us to beer number 48, Cap’n Sig’s Northwestern Ale from Rogue Ales. Ok, sure, it’s not like I can’t get Rogue here but this was one of their regional beers. Which is awesome. Like Claudia. Read the rest of this entry »

Beer Number 47: Giving Thanks

26 11 2011

And all of the sudden it’s that time of the year: the holidays. As Thanksgiving came and went we now wait for my birthday (it’s a holiday to me), Christmas and finally, New Year’s Eve. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s go back a few days to the oh-so-gluttonous holiday that is Thanksgiving. As I sat at the table I found myself thankful for the people around me, the food on my plate and beer number 47, Four Ale by Allagash Brewing Co. Read the rest of this entry »

Beer Number 46: Like a Glove

20 11 2011

When life hits you the way it hit my family a few weeks ago, it really puts things into perspective. And the thing is, that perspective applies to everything. Even things that don’t seem to matter like the one bottle of beer one drinks for their blog. And it seems to be those minute details that make you realize some of the things you take for granted. To further delve into this thought, let me first introduce beer number 46, Velvet Glove by Iron Fist Brewing. Read the rest of this entry »

Beer Number 45: It’s Kinda Sorta Fantastic

13 11 2011

After the week we all just experienced, we are now trying to “return to normal.” Problem is, “normal” doesn’t have the same meaning it used to. While there isn’t much we can do about that, we can, however, do our best to learn how to cope with our new “normal,”

The first attempt I had at that was my usual weekly beer. As days blurred into each other this week, I found myself sitting there yesterday before exclaiming, “Hey! Its Saturday! I need a beer.” And just like that we found ourselves heading back to AJs, my favorite gourmet grocery store in Arizona. Once there, it didn’t take long for my eyes to settle on beer number 45, Namaste by Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales. Read the rest of this entry »

Beer Number 44: This One’s for Jim

6 11 2011

The first time I met my father-in-law Jim, he put a chair in the middle of the room just for me. I was meeting Kelli’s family for the first time and he thought it would be funny to put me on the “hot seat.” That was Jim. That’s what he did. With Kelli’s entire family on the couches surrounding the room, I fielded several questions and, as it would turn out, passed with flying colors.

The last time I saw my father-in-law Jim, was early Saturday morning. He was surrounded by his amazing family in a room full of love. After a 15-month battle with cancer, he went on to his next journey in life. He was taken from us far too soon, but he will never be forgotten and that love will never disappear. Before he was diagnosed with cancer, Jim had a taste for fine wines and one type of beer. Which brings us to beer number 44, Miller Lite from MillerCoors, Jim’s favorite. Read the rest of this entry »